Our History

How Cherry Burton Supports Fairtrade and Local Produce

The following is a short list of some of the things the project has managed to achieve already or is trying to get implemented in its efforts to promote Cherry Burton as a ‘Fairtrade Village’.

The Parish Council

  • Is appointing a member to the steering group.
  • A sign marking the achievement of Fairtrade Village has been erected in conjuction with the Parish Council as a header board to their village noticeboard.
  • Visit our Parish Council website: www.geocities.com/cherryburton_parish_council

The Village Stores

  • Caroline and Richard Hall stock a range of Fairtrade products, including tea, coffee, chocolate, cookies and snackbars.
  • They also stock Local Produce including delicious products from Sancton Bakery, milk and eggs, and vegetables when available.

The Bay Horse

  • John Marson, owner, and Karl Richardson, manager, provide Lincoln and York Fairtrade coffee. This company, located at Brigg, buys direct from the grower.
  • Meat served in the bar and restaurant comes from two East Riding farms in Driffield, selected and delivered by John Marson himself, a Beverley butcher.

Burton Mount

  • Pauline Greenwood serves Lincoln and York Fairtrade coffee at conferences and events and celebrations.
  • She also serves a traditional Yorkshire breakfast with locally produced bacon and farm eggs. Pauline buys meat from Leake Butchers of Market Weighton who source all their meat from local East Riding farms.

Cherry Burton School

  • Children are taught about Fairtrade within their work on Global Citizenship.
  • Fairtrade tea and coffee are available in the staffroom.
  • The Chairman of governors has provided a statement of support for the project.

St. Michael and All Angels

  • Serves Fairtrade tea and coffee (Teadirect and Cafedirect) after the 10am service on Sundays and after events.
  • Has a Fairtrade stall after the 10am service started by the young people in 1999.
  • At events, serves Local Produce such as gammon from Edmonds Farm, Fridaythorpe.
  • The PCC formally recognised its support of Fairtrade at its meeting of 23rd June 2003.

Baden Powell Organisations

  • Energetic supporters of Fairtrade. In Fairtrade Fortnight 2004, two Guides gave Safeway customers samples of tea, coffee and chocolate.
  • To complete their Baden Powell Award, the Guides held a Fairtrade evening on June 16th 2004 for Guides and parents. Guides tuckshop now stocks Fairtrade chocolate and snack bars.
  • A second Fairtrade evening was held in 2005.
  • Rainbows and Beavers held evenings during Fairtrade Fortnight 2005 learning about chocolate.

Wine Circle

  • Devoted an evening to tasting a selection of Fairtrade wines in their 2004 programme.
  • Awarded a Fairtrade wine as a raffle prize during Fairtrade Fortnight 2005

Fairtrade Fortnight

  • This national annual event was marked this March by giving everyone in the village the chance to taste Fairtrade tea and coffee. Every house received a free sample of Teadirect and Cafedirect, and a recipe leaflet. This led to the Village Stores stocking Fairtrade products which are selling well.
  • A Pancake Evening was held in the St Michael’s Centre serving them with Fairtrade products, and with the chance to taste and buy many others.
  • An all day “Open House” serving Fairtrade coffee and wine was held in a private house in 2005.

Cherry Burton Fairtrade and Local Produce Steering Group

  • After the success of Fairtrade Fortnight, a group of Fairtrade supporters met on 28th April 2003 to consider what would need to be done for Cherry Burton to become a Fairtrade Village. The group organised a campaign to achieve Fairtrade Village status for Cherry Burton. We were officially credited with this status on 23rd July 2003.
  • It was decided that we should also encourage the support of local producers, especially farmers, many of whom have gone out of business in recent years.
  • New members are always welcome to come and join us! See our contacts page for details.

Village Show

  • A busy Fairtrade stall put in its first appearance at this historic event in July 2002, courtesy of the Village Show Committee and has returned each year since.

Christmas Lights

  • The Christmas Lights Committee kindly provided a table and shelter for the sale of Fairtrade gifts and cards in December 2002. This proved popular despite the dark and cold and has since become an annual fixture.

Village Hall

  • Cherry Burton’s Fairtrade and Local Produce group displayed Fairtrade products in the Village Hall on the first Saturday of June and July 2003 for the chance to browse or buy over a cup of Fairtrade coffee or tea.

Other Events

  • The Pop-in Soup Lunches and the Friendship Circle’s Charity Strawberry Tea and Coffee Morning all served Fairtrade tea and coffee.