Fairtrade Fashion Show

Fairtrade Fashion Show a huge success

Show Organisers (Photo Copyright © BBC)

Show Organisers (Photo Copyright © BBC)

On Tuesday, 14th March, Beverley Minster played host to a “Fairtrade Fashion Show” at which, fairly traded clothes and accessories from twenty countries, for tots to adults, were modelled by local models and volunteers. The fashion show was organised by members of Cherry Burton and Beverley Fairtrade groups and the Women’s group, Cameo as part of Fairtrade Fortnight.

Companies were represented from a wide range of areas including Nepal, Ecuador, all sorts of places from the Andes, countries in Africa, Mauritius and several from the poorer parts of the Asian sub-continent.

Ros Stanley (Photo Copyright © BBC)

Ros Stanley (Photo Copyright © BBC)

The Cherry Burton group secretary, Ros Stanley, explained the reasons for supporting fairtrade and how by buying fairly traded goods, shoppers can help improve the lives of people in some of the world’s poorest countries.

“I think many people are aware that sweatshops are a huge problem in the fashion industry. Fairtrade not only addresses the sweatshops themselves but actually addresses paying the cotton growers a correct price for their crop. They’re really up against the wall at the moment because there are such heavy subsidies on American cotton, that it’s very difficult to sell cotton at the proper prices.”

Sergio Allen holding a bottle of his Fairtrade Wine! (Photo Copyright © BBC)

Sergio Allen holding a bottle of his Fairtrade Wine! (Photo Copyright © BBC)

One of the highlights of the evening was a presentation and talk about the differences Fairtrade can make to co-operatives and community, by special guest, Sergio Allen, a Chilean Wine Producer for the Los Robles Co-operative, which produces wine for Hermanns and Co-op amongst others. There was a chance to sample the wine, which can be bought locally, in the form of a free glass of his wine at the start of the show followed by wine tasting in the interval.

Fairtrade tea and coffee with a selection of nibbles was made available in addition to sales of Fairtrade clothes and accessories. Nine of the companies represented have been awarded very first Fairtrade cotton mark.

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