Local schoolchildren to benefit from Fairtrade Fashion Show

Many thanks are expressed to all the people who were involved with and supported the “Fairtrade Fashion Show” during Fairtrade Fortnight for their generosity. The sell-out event, organised and underwritten by members of Cherry Burton and Beverley Fairtrade groups and the Women’s group, Cameo, made profits amounting to around £900; a fantastic result, as it was a huge undertaking with considerable costs! The three groups decided that the profits should be used for the “furtherance of Fairtrade”.

Cherry Burton Fairtrade and Local Produce Group members agreed that their £300 share will be used to provide Fairtrade information and education resources for schools attended by Cherry Burton youngsters.

It was felt that the best approach would be to liaise with staff from local schools who may already have an interest in Fairtrade or who have to deal with Fairtrade issues as part of the curriculum. There are many subject areas where this may be relevant; geography, religious education and economics – to name but a few. The intention behind approaching the staff in this context is to maximise the potential usefulness and benefit of any resources. It would be fruitless (and needless to say, a waste of time and money) to supply irrelevant or unstimulating materials and learning aids.

Group Secretary, Rosemary Stanley, has begun proceedings by making use of her contacts at Beverley Grammer School and reports that initial interest is considerable. She anticipates meeting with staff soon to discuss the nitty gritty! Whilst the group is in no rush to spend the unexpected income, it would be pleasing to have made agreements with several parties before the new school year.

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