Car Stickers

Get yourself a car sticker!

Car stickers are now available. After some lengthy debates, the following design was approved with special attention having been paid to the wording.

[Actual size is 9.8” x 1.9” (25.0cm x 4.8cm)]

[Actual size is 9.8” x 1.9” (25.0cm x 4.8cm)]

It was felt that this promotes Cherry Burton as a ‘Fairtrade’ village and supporter of local produce and also highlights Cherry Burton as a village in East Yorkshire. The colour scheme seemed a natural choice; in keeping with the flavour of the ‘Fairtrade Logo’.

We hope as many people as possible will put one in their car as this will help to spread the message that the village supports Fairtrade and Local Produce.

Where can I get a car sticker from?

These have proved effective in spreading the message. We have a few left – please contact us:

  • St. Michael and All Angels (Fair Trade stall after Sunday a.m. service)
  • Any of the contacts listed on this website (see Contact Us)